About ME

Guillermo’s passion is the construction and restoration of homes.  He has an exceptional knack for designs that incorporate unique functionality and sustainability for the modern-day family.

Having worked in the construction industry for over 20 years, his unique and unparalleled experience help him thrive in a continuously evolving market.  He started his business in 1998 and has successfully tackled projects ranging from small remodels to million-dollar home renovations.

LECASA Homes & Renovations was founded on the core values of honesty and integrity with the goal to provide high quality craftsmanship at the best possible value.  Taking these principles to heart, Guillermo gives all clients, team members, and vendors the highest degree of respect and fairness.  Furthermore, each endeavor is met with an unmatched attention to detail and enthusiasm. “Every project has something special and unique about it.  What makes my job intellectually stimulating, as well as skillfully challenging is the objective to provide each client and project with the best solution.”

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